Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm Back...With a New Plan

It's been a little bit of a hiatis...In between my new job, getting married and staying on top of all my other activites...My blog took a backseat to my life. Until one very fine day, I realized how much I missed that special time I set aside to write about my cooking adventures in the kitchen. I have taken a slightly different approach...while I love food and I love to cook delicious buttery cuncoctions, per my culinary education...I know that we as a society in America have developed a scary obesity epidemic. Diabetes and heart disease is on the rise in adults and young children alike. So I decided what better way to help this on-going fat battle then to create delicious and healthy recipes that will allow me to make a change in the way we live.

So come along with me and cook your way to a healthier you!!!

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