Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Biggest Fan... Bakes!!!!

I've made a decision.... Anyone who makes one of my recipes and sends me pictures as proof will get their own blog post. My best friend Elina has made 2 recipes already... My rugelach cookies and my double chocolate cookie!!! Apologies Elina, for not recognizing your baking talents earlier.

Elina is the kind of friend that everyone dreams of, few people meet and a handful get to keep. She is the friend that quieted my sobs over the phone and endlessly laughed with me on her couch. The only friend who to this day I can have as good a time watching reality tv as I could in the hottest nightclub. She has been the one person who supports me in everything I do and yet at the same time can tell me the truth about everything!

So in short, Elina deserves a lot more than a post... But at this point that's what she gets and it comes from the warmest, gooeyist, place in my heart.... Warm and gooey kinda like these cookies :)

She has recently started baking and was looking for a new cookie recipe. I told her to make my Chocolate Cookies with White Chocolate Chips. She is the kind of cook everyone can only hope for because she follows directions to a T. At 5:38 today my phone rang.... Elina was in a frantic panic... She was short a package of chocolate chips!!! I ran from work and picked her up a bag of chocolate chips; I was greeted by her sniffling toe head toddler, Emma. (more on this pile of adorableness in another post)
She finished baking the cookies, even with multiple sniffle interruptions from the toddler. 15 cookies and a generous serving of guilt later... I found myself sitting on the couch licking off the last crumbs off of my lips. Those cookies were as I had remembered them... Elina you are my hero... Sniffle monster and all!


Joanne said...

best friends who bake and let you share the goodies really are the best friends of all. These cookies sound amazing!

Elina said...

OMG your post was so sweet it made me cry! I love you so much too! *heart melting*

But down to business - these cookies were fantastic. I cut the cook time and took them out at 11 minutes and they were perfect. My oven is a little over zealous and 15 minutes made them a bit crispy. Mila also gave me a great tip - put them in a ziploc right after they cool and they will stay soft the next day! This may be common sense to most ppl but I am a beginner. Anyways, thank you my darling, everyone at work send their compliments!

Mila said...

@Joann... Yes this best friend is a keeper :)
@Elina.... So happy that baking is kind of bringing you as much joy as it brings me :).... Sometimes!
Keep on cooking' and I'll keep on baking!

kyleen said...

Oh my gawsh those chocolate ookies look delish! I'd totally make them.

Mila said...

Kyleen...Let me know if you have any questions when you make them :)

Mary said...

What a lovely friend to share such a great recipe. The cookies sound delicious and I'm sure they disappear quickly anytime they are made. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary.

Pam said...

She sounds like a wonderful friend. It also sounds like you are too just by the way you talked about Elina. The cookies look fantastic!

Mila said...

Mary and Pam thank you for the kind words.... Elina is Ana amazing friend... And Im proud to be able to mention her here! She will be a frequent guest :). Thanks for reading ladies!