Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Camping Adventures and Delicious Bites

I will admit it...I was a camping virgin! So over July 4th Weekend we decided to pop my camping cherry and go for it! A friend of ours' client graciously offered up his tiny cabin and 64 acres of land for us to use! The cabin had a full size refridgerator and 3 bunk beds for the little kids to use. We were 6.5 hours away from our homes, surrounded by nothing other than 64 acres of forest! Our nearest neighbor was 5 miles away and it was acres and acres of hay!!!

It was a blessing in disguise that our phones had no reception in that area...we really got to experience the great outdoors (and I mean OUTDOORS...an outhouse and everything) and finally clear our minds and think of nothing but the roaring fire and the relaxing enviornment... The boys fished and chopped wood...the girls tanned...we all ate non-stop...and partied at night!

My fiance provided the pyrotechnics for the weekend as well!

As Russians normally do...we brought an ABUNDANCE of food! All day...all night...we ate! Breakfasts were grilled panini sandwiches with havarti and swiss cheeses and BACON! Lunches were usually hot dogs or sandwiches...and dinners usually lasted the longest and were the best!

One of the nights we had incredible Georgian Shish Ka Bob, cooked over hot embers until beautifully caramalized and tender!

On another day we had a huge burger extravaganza! Sirloin burgers (from Cosco) were grilled on a tri-stand over the fire.

My cousin's hubby grilled up some BBQ and hot sauced applewood smoked bacon for us...I made sweet caramalized onions deglazed with Crown Royale...there was a variety of cheeses, from Cheddar, Havarti to Swiss to All American! Sliced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, sliced red onions, guacomole and the typical condiments finished off the burger toppings. And so with this...I give you the BURGER FEST!

This was my Cheddar Bacon Bacon Burger!


Overall this was probablly the most fun I have had in a really long time! We slept well, laughed a lot and cleared our minds...I could not have asked for a better time...I am already planning our next camping trip for Labor Day Weekend...I will however be bringing my own portable toliet :)


Lisa said...

The food and clearing out the mind sounds great. No toilets or running water,not so much:) Glad you had fun! I am still a camping virgin.

Mary said...

Mila, I'm so glad you had such a good time. Your hamburger looks most excellent. It's hard to beat good food shared in the company of friends.

Maria said...

I am not a camper, but glad you had fun!