Monday, December 29, 2008

Post Hannakuh

(That's me, shaking up the whip cream!)

Well Hanukkah dinner went over smoothly. Except I think my guests have been spoiled by all my elaborate dinners before this one. This was one of the few times where I wanted to make a nice small intimate dinner for 10. And so I did. However, even with all the food on the table: Turkey, Potatoes, Potato Pancakes, Salad, Green Beans, Bagels and Lox, SOME people were a bit shocked that this was IT. Fortunately, those SOME people, well actually, that ONE person, was my fiancee and his comments don't count anymore. I made my Crispy Potato Pancake, I learned a few things that should not be done with this type of pancake to preserve the moisture and texture. I wanted them to be extra crispy and because of that I think I put in too thin a layer on the pan. My best friend, Marina, had a few comments to put in (as she always does), complaining that they were too thin and that her babushka made them yummier. Well I said, "Your babushka also fries them in oil and butter. And my dear, you have a wedding dress to put on in 6 months!" That fortunately shut her up real quick!
The turkey was a huge hit, as it was on Thanksgiving! Martinis were drunk, games were played and people fell asleep on the couch! All in all: a successful Holiday!

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