Thursday, January 29, 2009


I stumbled upon Avesta's wonderful blog accidentally and discovered some of her awesome Middle Eastern recipes. One of which reminded me of a dish my mother used to make. Dolmades, traditionally are grape leaves filled with a rice and vegetable mixture. My mom used to make them with the Russian influence, a dish similar to the traditional Ukrainian stuffed cabbage rolls, "Golubtsi". Instead of the usual rice and pork mixture, she added in parsley, dill, diced tomatos, tomato paste, scallions and diced beef. My mom then stuffed them into grape leaves and cabbage and they were poached in a broth and devoured almost immediately!

Avesta's recipe was very similar and it inspired me to make them during my Middle Eastern week. I combined ground lamb, herbs, rice and a variety of spices to make these delectable rolls. I myself had 2 immediately after cooking them! Use your own creativity to combine limitless flavors! On Avesta's site she demonstrates several different vegetables that can be used to stuff! Thanks Avesta for this wonderful recipe!
*Please view Avesta's site for this wonderful recipe!

Here is how they look as you wrap them!


Nina's Culinary Creations said...

Hi Mila,
thanks for the visit and comment.
I LOVE this grape leaves rolls; I serve with sour cream! how about you?

Kevin said...

Nice looking dolmades!

Hayley said...

I LOVE dolmades! I usually buy the already made ones, but they sound pretty simple to put together. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for your lovely comment!

Maria said...

I love these!! I need to make them and soon!

Karen said...

Boy do these look good! I love anything with lamb in it :)

avesta said...

Thanks for talking about my blog! I really appreciate it and your dolmades look wonderful! My mom sometimes put in ground or chopped lamb or beef in ours really gives them a wonderful flavor! And to any of you out there that buy premade...please try to make them yourself just will so fall in love!

Maria said...

Hi Mila

I've never had the pleasure of ever eating dolmades but yours look so delish!


Kimberly Alexandra said...

Oh, these look DELICIOUS!!! I'm going to have to try these soon.