Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Waffle Torte

You want to talk about simplicity? This is it! This is one of my all time favorite cakes. My best friend, Marina, salivates when she hears this cake. I swear if she could, she would make the inside of her wedding cake out of this!
Delicious, doesn't begin to describe this cake! Only 5 simple ingredients are used and they create something out of this world!

One of them is wafers. Not those sad looking vanilla wafers. Think more like the wafers that you are given in church by the priest. You know that little thin cookie type thing they put on your tongue? Now imagine it a bit thicker and bigger.
If you look around your Russian or Polish deli's you will find them.
The other main ingredient is sweetened condensed milk. This alone can be a dessert for me. But you see we aren't done yet. This cake calls for the milk to be boiled while it's in the can for 3 hours. The end result is caramelized sweetened condensed milk! Basically, what the Spanish call, dulce de leche.
I promise this cake will be the easiest and most amazing treat you can make!

Waffle Torte

1 Package of Wafers
3 Cans of Sweetened Condensed Milk
1/2 a Stick of Butter, Melted
1 1/4 Cups of Walnuts, Ground
1/4 Cup of Cognac or Brandy

1. Take the labels off of the cans of condensed milk and boil completely submerged in water, for 3 hours. If water evaporates, add more to ensure that they are completely covered the whole time.
2. Cool the cans under cold, running water until they are cool to the touch.
3. Open them...CAREFULLY, there is a lot of pressure in there so just make sure you cool them, or else they will pop when opening. And trust me on this one, hot sugary, condensed milk is not pleasent on the skin.
4. Place the butter in the bowl first. Then add in your condensed milk, carefully scraping out all the goodness out of the cans.
5. Add in your cognac and 1 cup of nuts. Mix to combine.
6. Begin building your layers with the wafers. Place one wafer down on smear on about 5-6 oz of condensed milk on the wafer. Top with another and continue until complete. Sprinkle with the remaining 1/4 cup walnuts and let rest for at least 1 hour. Just enough for the filling to seep through.

My cat was a big fan of the cake!


*I would love to hear everyone's feedback on this cake. For all you culinary adventurers, please try and make this and let me know what you thought!*


Maria said...

I love this idea! The cake looks so good. I love all of the layers.

Tanya said...

Is this the same recipe that babushka uses?

Pam said...

Wow. It's truly beautiful and it looks so tasty.

Mila said...

Yup it is!
Sometimes babushka goes a bit heavy with the cognac though :)

Tanya said...

Yes!! Babusha brought us some & there was a ton of cognac. I was at the store with her when she bought the ingredients but I didn't see any cognac, so when I tried it I was taken aback - wow!
It's a tasty torte! Very moist!

Kevin said...

That torte looks really good. Nice shot with the cat!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Wow Mila, Thats beautiful! Such a great presentation too! I must look for those waffles!

Maria said...

Wow Mila, you have me drooling!!

Awe your cat is so cute.


Passionate About Baking said...

Absolutely stunning...it looks SO GOOD!!

isimkhovich said...

im jumping up and down now that i found this recipe!!! my alllll time favorite cake that my babushka used to make for me for my birthdays and all special occasions!! i dont recall though, are there variations as in putting cocoa powder/ chocolate? thanks!!

Becky said...

Hello. I am interested in making this recipe and I have a question.
I make my own sweet condensed milk from scratch. Can you tell me what the purpose is of heating the can (unopened) for this recipe, and how I can achieve the same results with my own recipe of sweetened concensed milk?

Mila said...

Feel free to email me at Milaskyevents@gmail.com, I will be more than happy to help you out in more detail :)

Epicurean Brandshk said...

Hello, can you pls tell me how big the Wafer you used?

Vicky Joe said...

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